What can you do with all these textures?

After presenting you the first 2 texture packs, I now would like to illustrate several possibilities of how to utilize high resolution textures, namely web design, print design and computer game design.

web design

If you ended up here on this website, you can already see one example of how a texture can be used e.g. as a background graphic. One of my favorite websites with regards to overall design is Electric Pulp (see screenshot below), because their use of textures shows the neat effects that you can achieve with it.

Electric Pulp

There is almost no limitation to that concept and if you would like to get some more inspiration, I suggest you head over to Design Meltdown, who showcase lots of websites according to the design elements used. Have a look at their collection of sites that are using for instance wood or clouds.

print design

Nowadays, textures are also used as a design element for magazines, books, advertisements and other printed media. There is a brilliant tutorial at PSDTUTS.COM, where Kyle Pero uses one of the paper textures of Bittbox in order to design a retro look poster.

Here is another example displaying magnificent use of a concrete texture taken from the online portfolio of designer Paul Harrison.

computer game design

textures used in Far Cry 2
Picture is courtesy of Gamestar.

If you have played fairly modern computer games, chances are very high that you came across all kinds of textures, because they are heavily used for level or character design. As you can see in the above screenshot from one of the latest First-Person-Shooters Far Cry 2TM, the game designers used some stone textures for the rocks and wood textures for the rifle. There are also some amazing works of professional CG artists in the scenes gallery of 3dtotal.com.

I hope that I could give you an idea of the different areas of design, where textures are being used on a daily basis. If you like this post, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog.


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