Food Texture Pack | Free Pasta Textures!


Five great textures of assorted pasta textures! These could be useful for game textures, as 3D textures in kitchens or markets, graphic design jobs where a food or pasta theme is needed, or for Italian themed designs. This Food Texture Pack includes: Farfalle (Bowtie Pasta) Texture Fettuccine Pasta Texture Fusilloni or Rotini (Curly Fusilli Pasta)...

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5 hi-res grunge textures made from pancakes

You might ask yourself, what kind of a stupid title is that – grunge in combination with pancakes? The idea for these textures just popped up, when I was standing in the kitchen and making…you guessed it: pancakes. I just looked at the first one I made and thought that the color and structure resembles some rust textures that you see floating around...

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