Tutorial round-up: creating seamless textures

From all the improvement suggestions that you guys made during the last contest, having more tutorials here on highresolutiontextures.com was the most popular one. Therefore, I went through my bookmarks and came up with a small selection of Photoshop tutorials, which focus on creating seamless textures. These are particularly useful, when you want to use repeating background images on websites.

Without further ado, here is the list of tutorials:

tutorial 1 at photoshoptextures.com

tutorial 2 at freeseamlesstextures.com

tutorial 3 at biorust.com

tutorial 4 at cadtutor.net

tutorial 5 at brushes.obsidiandawn.com

I hope you find these tutorials useful!


  1. Sweet to see you’ve taken peoples advice with some great tuts. Nice one man.

  2. I guess what would be a good addition to knowing and learning how to do this manually in PS, is to build a list of those quick’n’dirty tools.

  3. Matam-is sa pagtan-aw ko nga gikuha katawohan tambag uban sa pipila ka dakung tuts. Nice usa ka tawo.تور آنتاليا

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