Streetart: hrt graffiti pack

Streetart: hrt graffiti pack

graffiti pack

These pictures probably don’t qualify as normal textures, but I wanted to share this nice streetart anyways. All photos have been taken at the Landbouwbelang, an old warehouse building in Maastricht, which functions as a cultural center and hosts some exhibitions and other art events from time to time. I hope you enjoy these 10 high resolution images.

graffiti pack (.zip file, 33 MB)


  1. willem de wijs

    goed bezig, gast. ik ga de site vaker checken

  2. Thanks for this! I have tired of all the graffiti hot spots around St. Louis. I use your textures for backgrounds or overlays on music event flyers.

  3. Thanks will be too little to say for this!! I will be forever grateful!

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