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victorian wallpaper

Hi there!

As the title already implies, this website is all about high resolution textures. These high quality textures can be used for all sorts of design work, whether it be background graphics for websites, flyers or even 3D computer games.

On this website, I am offering all textures and patterns free of charge. Most of the pictures have a maximum resolution of 3888 x 2592 pixels and smaller sizes are available on request. Next to offering textures, which I think are interesting, I am always open to suggestions for new material. So, if you would like to see a particular sort of texture here on highresolutiontextures.com, then let me know in the comments or contact me via email.

As a welcome present, here is the first small texture pack with 3 graphics, including the one from this blogpost.

welcome texture pack (.zip file, 11MB)


  1. TwitterBackgrounds

    My favorite is the wooden door.

  2. I used a texture from your wonderful texture pack! Heres the picture i made with it —-> http://z-monster-31.deviantart.com/art/Vintage-Doll-179628370

  3. Thankyou so much!!

  4. thank you! I’ve used the wallpaper x