Free Wood Fence 3D Textures Pack with Transparent Backgrounds

Free Wood Fence 3D Textures Pack with Transparent Backgrounds

This high resolution free wood fence texture pack is perfect for game textures, 3D modeling, 3D graphic design in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, or architectural textures. They are pre-matted with transparent backgrounds so that anything behind the wood fences will show through. They are designed to be seamless textures so that you can tile them horizontally and they will look great. Put any of our other free stock textures behind them and you can see the transparency looks great. The hi-res versions are saved in PNG-24 format with alpha channels.

Wood Fence Texture 01

Wood Fence Texture 01

Wood Fence Texture 02

Wood Fence Texture 02

Wood Fence Texture 03

Wood Fence Texture 03

Wood Fence Texture 04

Wood Fence Texture 04

Wood Fence Texture 05

Wood Fence Texture 05

Wood Fence Texture 06 White Fence

Wood Fence Texture 06 White Fence

Wood Fence Texture 07

Wood Fence Texture 07

HRT Wood Fence Textures (.zip file, 13 MB, 8 files)


  1. These wood fence textures are awesome!

    They are good high resolution and the way that each wood fence photo was shot makes them perfect for texturing a 3D object.

    The see-through backgrounds are a nice touch too!

    Thanks you for posting these amazing wood fence photos!

  2. Love the white fence texture. Looks great, but so do the others. This website is amazing :) Thanks for sharing this great stuff.

  3. These backgrounds are great! Thanks for sharing, :)

  4. This texture is really awasome,
    you really nice job done….

    thanks for the sharing……..:)

  5. Thanks for sharing these, I would like to feature one of these textures in a modern art piece.. reconstructing deconstructed natural architecture. Thanks

  6. will this work for sketchup 7 also?

  7. Great white backgrounds for the second to last fence. An amazing find, thanks for this blog.

  8. these are beautiful. thank you. keep up the passion for textures!

  9. Thali Tjiyapo

    Mate this is great stuff. I truly appreciate it, I am new to 3Ds Max and I have been trying to access high quality images online and they are all quite expensive, this is the 1st free bulk offer I have come across. Safe X

  10. it is very very good thank you

  11. Very nice backgrounds raelly great..

  12. thanks for sharing, these backgrounds are great..

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  15. ove su dobre za dizajn i 3d vizualizaciju, hvala

  16. Indeed these wooden fence textures seem incredible. Thanks you for posting some of the amazing wood fence photos! I really find them out them incredible.

  17. how do we go about copyrighting this if we are using it?

  18. stathis

    Can I use these for my website for free?

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