Featured new texture site: LoveTextures

A while ago, I presented to you a few newcomer websites that are also focussing on hi-res textures. In the meantime, I was approached by Justin, who recently set up a great site called LoveTextures and with this feature post I would like to welcome this friendly new member to the texture community.

For this post, he send me an awesome set of graffiti textures, which you can download below and here is a short bio of Justin, where he also tells the story behind LoveTextures:

My Name is Justin Treharne I live in Sandhurst in the UK, have been a photographer now for around 4 years and its been a huge part of my life, never really gone professional with it as I have a full time job heading up a Digital department, so really kept it as a keen hobby.

LoveTextures came about by a few discussion at work with my team (Jules and Indy) on how we could keep our interests up and what would be easy to maintain as a personal project, putting my passion of photography and technical background to good use I decided to develop a site built on wordpress delivering high resolution textures. I went through about 2 months worth of logo and web site design before I settled on what you see now, it’s clean, uncluttered and delivers content fast within 2 clicks, all the textures are 300dpi at a resolution of roughly 2560×1707.

I constantantly promote my site on twitter and flickr and various other sites to get maximum exposure and its currently doing very well, my future plans are to further the creativity and increase photo dimensions/size and to be one of the top places to visit for free Creative Textures along with HRT of course.

Thanks for reading and visiting!


graffiti 1

graffiti 2

graffiti 3

graffiti 4

graffiti 5

graffiti texture pack (.zip file, 17 MB, 5 files)


  1. Justin Treharne

    This is great Alex, thanks for the mention.

  2. Su Hall

    Hey, there! Thanks for the terrific tip! I really like the textures over at “LoveTextures”. What a great find! Kudos!


  3. I was just wondering… On one hand these are works of art for wich the rights are with the original creator, so you maybe can not use them commercially, on the other hand, most of them are placed illegally… But still, it is someone elses artwork you would use in your own work, right?

  4. you have a point there, Ruud. It becomes even more tricky when you only can see a fraction of the whole artwork like in most of the photos above. I will gather some more info on this topic and eventually, I have to update the post according to my findings. thanks for pointing that out!


    les graffitis presentés ici sont deposé par leurs artistes et representes par la maison des artistes ainsi que qu’un organisme de droits d’auteur.

  6. Gennadiy

    Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Mark Time

    “But still, it is someone elses artwork you would use in your own work, right?”

    That’s hilarious!
    IT’S GRAFFITI – I can only imagine some tagger suing for re-use of their spray-can vandalism,commercial or not!
    That would be one for the legal system – they’d either laugh it out of court or outright choke on it!

  8. I fail to see how this point is “hilarious”. What about commissioned walls? Legal spots? Galleries? The fact is, as graffiti has been co-opted more and more to suit mainstream purposes (note the fact that people want to make textures out of it) there is more an more legal graffiti out there. Many graffiti artists have built successful businesses… making clothing, iphone cases, nike shoes, etc etc.

    So is it ok to steal the illegal graffiti and not ok to steal the commissioned or legal graffiti? How would you know??? Try stealing some Futura 2000 work (look it up) and see what happens in court! You’re obviously ignorant about the subculture since you used the term “spray-can vandalism” and you’re probably not going to be using graffiti textures so we don’t have to worry about you LOL. But the bottom line is everyone has a responsibility to not steal other people’s shit. Seems like common sense to me.

  9. Al Kamal Md. Razib

    Good paint ! I like your collection. Thanks for sharing.

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  17. @SCUDER, why come here & post a message as important as yours was…in a foreign language??!
    @ Alex, these are great! Thank you for putting these textures up. I hope the illegal taggers don’t sue though.