Best of HRT Flickr pool – 1st edition

A while ago, I started a flickr group for, where the readers can post their own texture images. The group already has 58 members and a few of those member submitted some great texture photos. From time to time, I want to showcase the best submissions of this group and this post is the start of that series.

Max from DesignShard was the first one to submit some of his work and here 2 examples:

HRT flickr pool texture 1
HRT flickr pool texture 1

Delarge runs the well-known texture site Urban Dirty and also submitted some great texture images:

HRT flickr pool texture 1
HRT flickr pool texture 1

The last image is from a flickr user called In Fair Nation:

HRT flickr pool texture 1

As you can see, there are lots of talented people out there and I want to encourage all of you to submit your photos to this group as well. There is no need to be shy, so join the HRT flickr group!

Many thanks to the above mentioned people for sharing these beautiful textures!


  1. Didn’t knew there was a flickr group!
    Awesome textures above!

  2. glad you like them. I already saw your new submissions to the group pool. also great textures! thanks for sharing them!

  3. There is some really nice textures so far, would be great to more in the group. good stuff

  4. mattstrike

    Are scans okay for the Flickr group? I made a lot of spraypaint and brayer ink textures for a client a while ago and the surplus could be shared.
    Great site!

  5. Brilliant idea, nice work Max and Delarge – i’ll certainly be sharing some if and when I get myself a camera 😛

  6. Love the lighting on In Fair Nation’s image. Going to play around with color ranges and opacity with this one this afternoon. Cheers!