7 hi-res textures of wood and volcanic stone from Fuerteventura

7 hi-res textures of wood and volcanic stone from Fuerteventura

My dear friend Martin, a regular contributor to this blog, recently went on vacation to Fuerteventura, one of the Canary islands. This island has emerged from volcanic activities and there is an abundance of nice rock formations, which are perfectly suited for shooting textures. This is exactly what he did and he gave me a few of his best shots in order to share them with you guys. So here is a nice collection of various exotic stone and wood textures from Fuerteventura.

Many thanks to Martin for sharing these great textures. Make sure to pay a visit to his photoblog, where he posts some great pictures on a regular basis.

stone 1

stone 2

stone 3

stone 4

wood 1

wood 2

wood 3

fuerteventura texture pack (.zip file, 37 MB, 7 files)


  1. Cool thanks.

  2. And even more nice textures!
    Thank you!

  3. Magnificent samples. An excellent material.

  4. The first one is inspiring me a lot…

  5. Very unqiue shots! i’ll be sure to check out his blog.

  6. Very unqiue shots! i’ll be sure to check out his blog.~~~

  7. Cool work mate.
    Excellent collection.

  8. Thanks for share amazing stone textures picture …

  9. iloveyouguys

    thanks for sharing !!! love this textures !!!! :D

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