6 colorful antique fabric and wood textures

6 colorful antique fabric and wood textures

A few weeks back, I went to an antique market in Belgium and besides looking for some hidden gems at the different stands, I was able to take some nice pictures of old wooden chests and antique chairs. I really love, how colorful some of these textures turned out to be, but look for yourself…

fabric 1

fabric 2

fabric 3

wood 1

wood 2

wood 3

antique texture pack (.zip file, 25 MB, 6 files)


  1. Nice textures. It wasn’t the market at Place du Grand Sablon, was it?

  2. No, it was the market in Tongeren near Liege. where is the location of the market you mentioned?

  3. In Brussels. I visited there in March of last year.

  4. alright, I might have to check that out on day trip to Brussels then. thanks for the tip!

  5. Do the Place du Sablon in Brussels only in Summer. In winter, there is no antique at all!

  6. Ну точно, как люди говорят, занимательное рядом! :)

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  8. Corey Dimond

    Wow thank you just exactly what I was looking for

  9. Love the deep rich red in the wood texture, thanks for sharing!

  10. great textures. hope there’s more to come soon.

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