Design inspiration: 5 websites with excellent use of textures

In case you downloaded a few of my high resolution textures and you don’t know how to implement them in your designs, I would like to present you a small list of hand-picked websites, which all make superb use of various sorts of textures.

concrete textures

Elliot Jay Stocks’ portfolio
Elliot Jay Stocks portfolio

pikaboo multimedia design
pikaboo multimedia design

wood textures

Alex Buga webdesign
Alex Buga webdesign

the things we make
the things we make portfolio

fabric textures

nickstedt webdesign
nickstedt webdesign

get involved!

Now it is time for you to get involved and let me know what you think about the websites displayed above. Or you can share some of your personal favorites in the comment section as well.


  1. Furious Photographers

    Inspirational designs! I use texture for my wedding photography business. I usually overlay it on my images and erase parts of where the wedding subjects are. Nice stuff!

  2. Fotoimpressions Destination Wedding Photography

    I love using texture overlays with many of my wedding images a swell. I have found Plugin Suite 4 software to be one of the most efficient and intuitive programs to use for adding texture to photographs

  3. Aspen Wedding Photography

    Great info. Thanks for sharing. Seeing those great textures really makes me wish I was better at photoshop….

  4. Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographer

    I like the last one. It has a classic but still modern feel to it. I also like dark green!

  5. DC Web Designer

    I love posts like this! Thanks for the inspiration đŸ™‚