4 hi-res footprints textures

Last weekend, we had a housewarming party at our place. In order to protect the wooden floor, I covered it with laminated cardboard. The next morning, I realized that everybody had left his or her mark on that cardboard in the form of footprints and I grabbed the camera and made a few shots before cleaning the whole mess up. So, here is a small texture pack including 4 high quality images of footprints on white cardboard. Enjoy!





footprints texture pack (.zip file, 18 MB, 4 files)


  1. Great idea!

  2. Max Stanworth

    Hope the house is still in one piece, Great textures, gunna play with them, i think theyll be great as subtle background noise!

  3. stefano picco

    Looks like our office floor ;P

  4. Nice textures, i’ll use them! thanx

  5. HDR Textures

    Great idea! – this would be fun to apply to a grunge background design!

  6. Great post dude. Loving the topic ^_^

  7. Manuel N

    Thank you! I used one of them for creating a computer-wallpaper.

  8. Great background, will surely use it one day!