175 Free Fall Inspired Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes, Patterns, and Textures!

175 Free Fall Inspired Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes, Patterns, and Textures!

Let’s not forget about the colorful season of Autumn! Here are a few Fall inspired Photoshop Brushes, Patterns, and Textures to warm up your blog/website, or project in the trappings of Fall! Use these as inspiration to create your own, or save time by using our hand picked favorites that are already created for you, all completely free. Most people love to receive recognition for their hard work so please do not forget  to credit and thank the author when you download. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do, and would love to see how you have put them to use in the comments below!

100 Free Fall Photoshop Brushes

Looking for a way to make your project stand out? Try using these awesome free brushes to spruce things up. Some are so realistic, you will have a hard time believing your eyes!

Autumn Decay by SondraG

Autumn Decay

Falling Leaves by Xara

Falling Leaves
Fall Season Brushes by KaiPrincess

Fall Season Brushes by KaiPrincess

Autumn Inspired Set of Free Brushes by Xara

Autumn Inspired Set of Free Brushes

Leaves-10 Free Hi-Res Brushes by Bittbox


15 Fall Foliage Brushes by Fiftyfivepixels


Leaf Brushes by Bmjewell

Leaf Brushes by bmjewell

50 Free Fall Photoshop Patterns

Make it a bit easier on yourself by using these quick and easy free patterns. Come on, you know you deserve a little more free time in your life!

Foliage Pattern 1.0 by Sed-rah-Stock

foliage pattern

Baked Goods Pattern 1.0 by Sed-rah-Stock


Dice Patterns 2 by JenniStock


Autumn Leaves 03 by Background Labs

Autumn Leaves 03

Autumn Leaves by Pattern Head
Autumn Leaves

Plaids for Autumn by Lisa B
Plaids for Autumn

Flowers by Alisa-beata
Flowers by alisa-beata

25 Free Fall Textures

Breathe life into an old photo, or start a new project inspired from a warm texture! Some of these textures can also make beautiful Hi-Res backgrounds. The possibilities are endless when it comes to textures. Set your creative mind free!

Autumn Textures Pack 1 by Ayelie-stock

Photos by Bittbox

Photos by Bittbox

Fallen Leaves by Chany14
Fallen Leaves

Ivy Leaves by Free Stock Textures
Ivy Leaves

Fall Sampler by Micky

Fall Sampler

Leaf  Textures by Fuzzimo

leaf textures

Abused Floor Color by Onecoldcanadian

Abused Floor Color

Colors. Fall Texture. by Perrimoon
Colors. Fall Texture.

A Fall Texture by Omninate

A Fall Texture

Red and Orange by Quinn.anya
Red and Orange

Free Stock Textures #574 by Free Stock Textures
Free Stock Textures #574

Textures 138 by Inthename-Stock
Textures 138

Fall Stripes Texture by GlamourousAcid-Stock
Fall Stripes Texture

Fall Grunge by Richard Pilon

Fall Grunge

Textures 133 by Inthename-Stock
Textures 133

Wet Leaves Texture by FantasyStock
Wet Leaves Texture

Moment in Time by Lookslikerain
Moment in Time

Pressed Leaves Texture 3 by FantasyStock
Pressed Leaves Texture 3

Fall Textures by StopAnimalAbuseToday
Fall Textures

Texture 3 by Ninstock
Texture 3

Autumn Leaves by Mellowmint

Autumn Leaves

Fall Grass Texture by Oldsoulmasquer
Fall Grass Texture

Yella Mella Macra by Flattop341
Yella Mella Macra

Pressed Leaves Texture 4 by FantasyStock
Pressed Leaves Texture 4

Texture 026 by NB-Nighten

Texture 026


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