11 hi-res slate textures

slate texture pack

After his first contribution, my friend Martin hooked me up with another great texture pack. This time it is a nice collection of slate textures, which contains 11 high resolution images. A big thank you goes out to Martin for these beautiful photos! Make sure to visit his photoblog, where he showcases some brilliant pictures (other than textures).

slate texture 1

slate texture 2

slate texture 3

slate texture 4

slate texture 5

slate texture 6

slate texture 7

slate texture 8

slate texture 9

slate texture 10

slate texture 11

slate texture pack (.zip file, 51 MB, 11 files)


  1. NaldzGraphics

    wow.nice textures.i might use some of them.thanks a lot:)


  2. Max | Design Shard

    These looks awesome, i can imagine the effects now…good work

  3. Wow. These are great.

  4. Interesting about RAW. I shoot RAW but seldom mess with them as I have the newer CS4 and there are some new fietlrs there that make things look fabulous with one click. There are some examples on my Gordon blog but small and only of old houses. Sometimes the only thing that jumps is the background colors.