Upload your textures and get featured!

A few of you may already have noticed that since last friday, a new page has been added to the top navigation. This means that from now on, you are able to submit your own textures and upload them directly to my server. If you would like to gain some exposure for your photos, this is the time to get started!

The links illustrated below take you to an upload form, which takes care of handling the file(s).

upload your textures

Check out the submission site for all the details about file types and size. Depending on the number of submissions, I will feature the best textures here on this blog on a regular basis and if you include some personal information along with your images in a .zip file (your name and website address), I will of course link to your site or portfolio. If you want to have a special license model attached to you photos, please make sure to inform me about it, so I can mark the textures accordingly.

I am really looking forward to seeing your hi-res textures flowing in. Many thanks in advance to your contribution!

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