Contest: Win a book & DVD including loads of hi-res textures


Let’s start the new week with a big bang, shall we! I am giving away a free copy of the texture book Crumble, Crackle, Burn by R. von Glitschka. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and suggest an improvement, which you would like to see on this blog in the future. A random number generator will determine the winner amongst all valid entries. Only one comment per person is allowed. Comments like “I want the book!” or “me pleeeeease” will not count as valid entries, so try to post realistic improvement suggestions. Please leave a valid email address when posting a comment, so I can contact you in case you are the winner.

This contest will run until monday 29th of september 23:59 h CET. The winner will be announced the day after that. You don’t have to worry about shipping costs, as they are already included in the price.

For more information about the book and the DVD, please visit the official website.


  1. Have some How-to articles on using textures in Photoshop, e.g. blend modes, making cracks in people’s skin, etc

  2. Michael Wilson

    Give users advice on how to capture their own textures. What to look for and what textures are useful with certain projects

  3. Kyle Gallant

    I recently stumbled upon this blog, so the only things I’ve noticed is… maybe user submitted textures? Or possibly setting up a way that readers could suggest ideas for textures to be posted?

    Either way I’m happy that I’ve subscribed to you guys, an excellent resource!

  4. i would like to see some tutorials on how to apply textures to some of the more difficult things in photoshop.

  5. Francis Vézina

    I think this blog should be xhtml-css valid. Css is ok but not XHTML. Ask if you need help!!!

  6. Not much to be improved, IMO, but I’d love to see more organic/living matter textures and some interesting food textures.

  7. I don’t know your blog very well. It’s my first time around. But I guess more tutorials would be an improvement for every blog. So why don’t you write more tutorials. Hope to win.

  8. Alex,
    I’d much appreciate a slide-show/ipod cover-flow like thingy to preview the content of a texture pack. Could save you a whole lot of space (design and storage-wise).
    Plus, I’d like a poll once in a while just like the other person suggested so that us visitors could vote for future packs.
    Finally, I’d be glad to help you out writing new tutorials – which should make me winner of this contest 😉

  9. Videos of the texture process.

    from taking the picture to using it in photoshop 🙂

    and what makes a good texture.

  10. I like the site a lot. Maybe a Flickr user/contributer companion site where people can contribute and download free textures.

  11. great constructive feedback alltogether so far! Most people seem to be interested in tutorials and user submissions. For the tutorials requesters I got good news – there is something in the pipeline in order to satisfy your need. As for the submissions by the readership, I will start up a flickr group shortly after this contest, where everybody can upload his own textures and where people are able to rate and download these pictures. stay tuned!

  12. A more visual way to browse through textures would be really nice.

  13. I don’t know if I have anything new to request, as I, too, would love to see some further texture technique tutorials!

  14. this book looks awesome, and i love von glitschka!

  15. Create a gallery section and organize the textures into sections

  16. Vin Thomas

    Run contests to generate content like Smashing Mag did. They came up with tons of great content for relatively cheap.

    Good stuff!

  17. It might be fun to see some people’s applications of the textures you offer here.

  18. I think that you need a better, more professional logo because it is the first thing that you see when you come to the site.

    Also, I think you should have a more organized block of tags. I hate tag clouds, Id much rather see a list with a number stating how many entries are in each category

    ie: Stone Textures (23)

    Great site!

  19. Gabriel Uribe

    What about a space for users to post their work? Meaby some tutorials too. All this could be analyzed by a moderator.
    I think that a lot of users have good stuff to share.

    But this site is great!!


  20. Carolina López

    Hola! siempre reviso tu página a través de RSS y la encuentro muy buena.
    Como dijo alguien, más tutoriales no vendrían nada de mal. También sería bueno ver técnicas de cómo capturar imágenes de texturas.
    Pero no le agregaría nada mas porque la página la encuentro perfecta tal como está.
    Saludos desde Chile!


  21. It would be really cool to see / follow some in-depth tuts from scratch that well explain many features geared to people like me that are just getting into making their own textures. I liked “Taking your textures to the next level”, but even toward the beginner would be great. Oh and more contests!!!!

  22. patrick Sesko

    Maybe a thumbnails page of all the textuures in one place would be nice to see everything rther than relying on the keywords. just a thought.

  23. jorge flores

    A couple of tutorials about ways to create innovating textures easily at home or by digital means, and some examples.

    Also running contests about textures would be mtoivating and exiciting.

    Jorge Flores

  24. I’m chiming in with all of those who have mentioned wanting tutorials. I’m fairly new to using textures in my work and I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions.

    Pattern textures could be useful…

  25. I would like to see more competitions!!! Hope I win…



  26. Cool competition man, great stuff.

    My suggestion would be for user submitted content, some sort of suggest a texture. Or maybe occasional posts sharing the user submitted textures.

    Keep it up!

  27. As i was downloading one of the texture packs.. i was eager to know what to expect.. as someone previously mentioned the iPod cover flow thing is kinda hot adds a little more professionalism to the site. Also, I would like to see some tutorials subjected on how to capture HI-Res textures.

    Thx, Meera

  28. I recommend this site utilize a wider layout for main content, especially the comments, that stay shoved in the right column after the left sidebar runs dry of content.

  29. Maybe some ice textures?

    Other than that, more prominence to the cloud tag would be good. Had to hunt a little o find it.

  30. I would love to see some info from photographers on the best way to photograph textures in different environments. I think that would be really helpful.

  31. Jacob Cass

    I am a fan of center alignments 🙂 That would be good. How about some pencil textures?

  32. i think the previous suggestion of a better logo and flickr photostream are good ones.

    the number of articles on the front page is 5, it should be 15+. in the sidebar, if i click on categories > textures, it’s also only shows 5 per page, even though they’re just text links with no pictures. again it should be a LOT more, with maybe small thumbnails too.

    more synthetic textures.

  33. Sam Wieck

    It would be really cool to see competitions featuring textures based on a theme. Would require some abstract thinking though!

  34. Jesse Vlasveld

    The site itself could be improved a little. The subject here is textures, but the site itself doesn’t represent that style. The background is just a non (or slightly) edited background image.

  35. Perhaps SIFR for a nicer header font. The flash fonts are nicely anti-aliased providing a better looking header for people on Windows which is aliasing your header fonts a bit.

    More info about SIFR:

    Good day!

  36. Rajesh Pancholi

    A guide to Macro Photography, best equipment in price range and what makes a good texture shot, lighting, colour.

  37. Maybe you could teach us how to find textures. I love them but have the hardest time finding them in real life. I would like you to teach us to fish not just provide the fish….make sense. Also, seeing examples of how other people may have used your textures in different ways. Web, print, packaging…see the end results are so inspiring. I like that you are on twitter and your blog is one of my favs! Thanks for all the inspiration and resources.

  38. Difficult to improve on what you are already doing, but some tutorials of how the textures could be used in photoshop would be cool.

  39. I vote you should have more quest posts 😉

  40. Maybe an article about patern textures..

    that would be great..

  41. ok people, I am overwhelmed by the reponse and all the suggestions. there is enough material here for a complete redesign of the site :). keep the ideas flowing and I will do my best in order to incorporate those improvements in the near future.

    thanks you all so much for the input!

  42. I am fairly new to the site (found you on twitter)but if I had to make a suggestion, I think it would more tutorials. You never can have too many.

    Thanks for the great contest.

  43. Lots of great ideas already, not much new I can add.
    As I mentioned before I think more tutorials would be a great addition.
    Maybe a contest where readers submit work they made with your textures?
    It would also be great to be able to submit textures (I guess that might be an option now already by contacting you)

    Keep up the great work!

  44. I love HDR photgraphy, so, i would like to see more HDR related articles or HDR-textures related tutorials or maybe even an article about the best HDR softwares.

    regards, zoli

  45. justin paluch

    Samples of work done with the textures either by you or readers.

    I’ve flipped through Von’s book at the store before and I love seeing how the textures look in use.

  46. redesign the sidebar a bit to not be the main focus. like the content though.

  47. Max | Design Shard

    ok after looking carfully at your site what i would suggest is,

    1. Put you categories in the top navigation bar, cause you cant navigate around the site very well to get to your content if you are a first time visitor. or atleast show they in the side bar on display.

    2. flickr, showing either your textures or your images.

    looks a cool book you, could also contact all the other hardcore texture people eg, bittbox, grungetextures etc and make the mother of all texture packs with yours and there contribution.

    lovin ure textures hope you continue to grow – Max

  48. Tutorials are always an inspiration!
    I would like to see specs displayed about textures before download. Even though they are FREE, are they free for non-commercial – and – commercial type work RIGHT IN PLAIN VIEW? ….(I don’t want to search for this info)
    An inspiration page/ content usage / uses by readers.
    Contest using challenging textures for a specified theme / get other sites involved -font/photo-for this purpose/cause.
    Offer an onsite/offsite source of archiving textures downloaded—gallery/book/list-etc… - (just an idea) for easy viewing.
    A logo would be a nice professional touch to the site.
    Thank you for your contribution of high resolution textures.
    Wishing you all the luck with your site.—Mare

  49. Just discovered this site, great textures! I would like to see reader samples of how the textures are used, and the “how to” for each sample.
    Thanks for the free textues. Those stone ones are really nice.

  50. Souljacker

    Congrats for the contest.

    I think putting the textures in torrent would be a enhancement to the site great.