What are textures?

Most of the textures that you can find on this website are close-up photographs of surfaces like e.g. wood, stone, metal or fabric. Other examples can be clouds, plants, wallpapers or liquids. There are much more variations, too much to mention them all here, but I think from these examples you get an idea of what textures are.

What can these textures be used for?

A lot of (web)designers are using all sorts of textures on a regular basis. They can make great background graphics for websites or any form of printed media. Next to that, high quality textures can be found in many computer games nowadays. Just think of well-known First-Person-Shooters like Half LifeTM or Far CryTM and you will notice that plenty of textures have been used for level and character design.

What is the resolution of the textures on this website?

Most of the textures that I offer on this website have a resolution of 3888 x 2592 pixels (10 megapixels), which is the maximum resolution of my camera (Canon EOS 400D). Only a few older pictures have a slightly lower resolution of 6 megapixels.