5 hi-res grunge textures made from pancakes

You might ask yourself, what kind of a stupid title is that – grunge in combination with pancakes? The idea for these textures just popped up, when I was standing in the kitchen and making…you guessed it: pancakes. I just looked at the first one I made and thought that the color and structure resembles some rust textures that you see floating around the web, so I quickly grabbed my camera and made a few shots. Crazy idea, but the results look pretty interesting in my opinion.

I hope you find those useful! Let me know what you think and maybe you can share some more unusual texture ideas in the comments. I am always open to suggestions.

pancake 1

pancake 2

pancake 3

pancake 4

pancake 5

pancake texture pack (.zip file, 40 MB, 5 files)


  1. NOW out of all the textures I see….this one beats the cake (literally) arggggggg …. NOW do a syrup one to match! I’m glad you have a lot of free time and share this wonderful stuff with the world!!!
    I’m hungry now!!! Thanks for the chuckle too!

  2. Su Hall

    Well, I certainly give you points for originality! LOL these are great! They actually do look kind of cool.

    Thanks for the pancakes!


  3. Brant

    Nice post, very creative, it made me laugh.

  4. Nikki

    These are fabulous. Thank you

  5. Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    If one can just manage to overlook the ‘pancake’ part, these textures are fantastic! I was wondering, you could have just posted these textures and have asked your readers to guess where they came from. It would have been your turn to laugh at the guesses.

  6. @Ashely – that was the original plan. I will make a series of “guess that texture” posts as part of a competition to win some prizes. stay tuned.

  7. Cool!

    These look great! And soo many possibilities.
    I’m going to use #4 for a toxic waste spill 😉

  8. TwitterBackgrounds

    Great idea ! I love pancakes and i’m hungry… what a shame smelling textures don’t exist ! These funny textures are really good. Can we use them for free ? The work result would be shown to you.

  9. HDR Textures

    Haha! Great idea, now I’m going to have to take a lunch break… 🙂

  10. lmao cooking food can lead us to the most strange of places

  11. Akeiron

    THANK YOU! I used the first one in so many ways, that texture is simply perfect, I used it to enhance dinosaur skin, rocks, sky, terrain and many other stuff, it really brings realism and interesting effects to the picture!

  12. now I must admit your awesome idea to make textures from pancakes is simply sooooooooo original! kudos to you and great textures – I’m going to make some from melting butter and eggs too! The ideas are flooding my mind right at this very moment…. Thanks so much for sharing – these are truly wonderful 🙂

  13. These are great! But now I want pancakes, but I looked at these to play some eye photos I have that I make wacky looks with 😛

  14. dude you just made me sooo hungry hehe nice texture, love it!

  15. The Texture Club

    Great collection, thanks for sharing

  16. پنجره دو جداره

    These plans did not enjoy., But I have labored for them.’s Why I thank you.

  17. درب اتوماتیک

    Lezi omkhulu! Kodwa manje ngifuna pancake, kodwa Ngabheka la ukudlala ezinye izithombe iso enginakho ukuthi ngenza loops wacky nge: P

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