5 awesome Flickr groups to fuel your texture inspiration

When trying to come up with new ideas for textures, I often turn to Flickr for inspiration. The vast amount of texture images on there is overwhelming and sometimes makes it hard to find the ones you are looking for. In order to make things easier for you, I created an overview with 5 groups, which offer a great variety of texture photos and have a solid user base, so that new content keeps flowing in on a regular basis.

Here is the list of flickr groups in no particular order. I included a few details like the number of members to date, number of photos and the number of images that may be added per day, week or month. Have fun browsing through all these wonderful images!

1. Textures for Layers

leopard-skinpicture taken by Chacal1233

Nr. of members: 9184
Nr. of photos: 9513
Upload limit: 3 photos per day
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2. Textures only

fabricpicture taken by Nick & Whitney

Nr. of members: 1287
Nr. of photos: 4771
Upload limit: 3 photos per day
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3. Textures

paintpicture taken by Fly on the wall

Nr. of members: 5740
Nr. of photos: 75132
Upload limit: none
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4. Best Textures

waterdropspicture taken by Eric M. Martin

Nr. of members: 1820
Nr. of photos: 3657
Upload limit: none
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5. textures and patterns

wavespicture taken by Mela Sogono

Nr. of members: 2085
Nr. of photos: 26518
Upload limit: 5 photos per day
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Alright, this should keep you guys busy for while. I hope that you find some extraordinary photos amongst these groups. If you feel that I missed one or more flickr groups, please let me know in the comments and I will update the post. Enjoy!


  1. Heather Marie Miller

    Very nice! Thank you for this list!

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  3. Delmy Alvarenga

    great textures! thank you for this!

  4. Fotoviva Photos

    Excellent list, I didn’t even think to look on Flickr for groups of textures. I have used Skeletalmess before as he throws out some really nice textures, though they are on the small size when working with large photographs. Thanks.

  5. TwitterBackgrounds

    Nice post. It’s a good idea to look at this FlickR groups. Thanks

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